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The role of the Prior Provincial

In each Province (region) of the Carmelite Order the Prior Provincial is the superior of the friars in that geographical area. He is elected by his fellow friars for a three year renewable term.

The Prior Provincial is charged with the oversight and pastoral supervision of the different expressions of the Order in his Province. In Canon (Church) Law the Provincial is an 'Ordinary' and Major Superior with all the faculties that confers.

According to the 1995 Constitutions of the Carmelite Order  the Prior Provincial is 'the sign of unity within the community which he is appointed to serve. He becomes a model, in words and in deeds, for the group which is entrusted to him; as such he shall be at hand to provide assistance to each and every religious; to foster community life; to care for all, and especially for the sick and the old; to supervise communal activities and initiatives so that these may become means by which the brethren can authentically live "in allegiance to Jesus Christ, and serve Him faithfully with a pure heart and a clear conscience".' (Const. 208)

The Prior Provincial of the British Province
In the British Province of Carmelites, the Prior Provincial has oversight of all the communities of friars and Lay Carmelites. He is advised by and works with an elected council of four friars, and in specific areas he is advised by the various officials and commissions of the Province. The Provincial is ex officio Chair of the Carmelite Charitable Trust, and a trustee of the Carmelite Institute of Britain and Ireland. A number of Province initiatives and ministries come directly under the Provincial Office, including the Province Library housed at Aylesford, the Saint Jude Management Group, the Provincial Bursar's Office and the Province Nurse.

The current Prior Provincial
The current Prior Provincial is Fr. Brendan Grady, O.Carm (elected in 2021).

Previous Priors Provincial
(since the modern re-establishment of the Province)

1969              Kilian Lynch
1969 - 1975  Alphonsus Brennan
1975 - 1981  Edward Maguire
1981 - 1983  Alphonsus Brennan
1983 - 1990  Piet Wijngaard
1990 - 1993  Richard Copsey
1993 - 1995  Joseph Chalmers
1995 - 2002  Piet Wijngaard
2002 - 2008  Antony Lester
2008 - 2014  Wilfrid McGreal
2014 - 2017  Antony Lester
2017 - 2021  Kevin Alban (died in office)
2021 -           Brendan Grady

The Provincial Office
In Britain the Prior Provincial can establish his office wherever he decides is most suitable, and the Provincial Office has been in a number of locations in recent decades. The Provincial Office is currently in Aylesford and the Provincial is a member of the Aylesford friar community.

The Provincial's Assistant is Mrs. Sharon Payne.

Contact details
Very Rev. Fr. Brendan Grady, O.Carm

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