St. Joseph

Husband of the Virgin Mary, Foster Father of Christ
Feast day: 19March

Statue of St. Joseph in the Chapel of the Carmelite Friary, York.

The Catholic Church keeps 19th March as the Solemnity of St. Joseph, the Husband of Mary and Foster Father of Jesus Christ. We read of Joseph in the Gospel accounts as a 'just man' who cared for his wife and the infant Jesus.

The Carmelite Order has had a particular devotion to St. Joseph for many centuries, venerating him with the title "Principal Protector of the Carmelite Order". Since Joseph cared for Mary and Christ in a particular way, we believe that he also cares for the Carmelite Order which is devoted to Mary and Christ. The Carmelite sense of trust in St. Joseph's intercession led St. Teresa of Jesus (of Avila) to dedicate her first foundation to him.

Let us pray
Almighty God,
at the beginnings of our salvation,
when Mary conceived your Son and brought him forth into the world,
you placed them under Joseph's watchful care.
May his prayer still help your Church
to be an equally faithful guardian of your mysteries,
and a sign of Christ to humankind.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.