International Lay Carmelites: Wednesday 19th September (2)

We continue our photo report from the Wednesday of the International Lay Carmelite Congress in Rome, which included a general audience with the Pope and Mass at the Carmelite church of Santa Maria in Traspontina.

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Italian pilgrims awaiting access to the Vatican.

Delegates from around the world bonding as a Carmelite Family.

Heading in to the Paul IV Aula (hall).

Entering the Vatican as a group.

The Prior General, Fr. Fernando, waiting with fellow Carmelites..


The Prior General preparing to enter the Aula Paulus VI.

Waiting with humour and a smile.

Pilgrim delegates awaiting entry to the Vatican.

Brazilian Lay Carmelites leading the way.

Brazilian Lay Carmelites leading the way.

Kenyan delegate.

Fr. Fernando awaits all the group to pass through security.

Fr. Fernando with a Carmelite from Portugal.

Fr. Fernando with Johan Bergström-Allen of the British Province.

Fr. Fernando with a Lay Carmelite in full habit.

A crowd of eager Carmelites.

Lifting the spirits with a song.

Fr. Fernando in conversation with a Sicilian Lay Carmelite.

Rose Mary Lancellotti and her husband Jim offering hats to those who forgot theirs!

Fr. Fernando with Sr. Libby from the PCM Province.

Directions from a Swiss Guard.

Bishops and Carmelites were everywhere!

Fr. Fernando was seated with visiting dignitaries at the very front of the hall.

The Carmelite Congress was also seated near the very front.

Angela Bergström-Allen and her son Johan.

A Holy See official checking the details of the group with the Prior General.

A growing sense of expectation.

The impressive interior of the Paul VI Auditorium.

The excitement mounts.
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