International Lay Carmelites: Wednesday 19th September (1)

On Wednesday 19th September 2012 the delegates taking part in the International Lay Carmelite Congress made a pilgrimage into central Rome for a general audience with Pope Benedict XVI and Mass at the Carmelite church of Santa Maria in Traspontina.

During the audience the Pope greeted the Congress delegates, saying "I greet the Lay Carmelites who are taking part in an International Meeting ... On each one I invoke the continued protection of God and of the Most Holy Virgin for a fruitful service to the Gospel and to the Church."

Video footage of the papal audience can be seen by clicking here. The mention of the Carmelite Group by the Master of Ceremonies is at 1:02:18 and this runs through the singing of the Flos Carmeli to 1:03:15. The Prior General can be seen during the singing of the Pater Noster at 1:08:32.

A full report will be published in the coming days; in the meantime we share some photos of the day.

The Provincial's Delegate to the Third Order in the British Province, John Berry.

Anne Hayden (left, British Province) and Lourdes Crabtree (right, formerly of the British Province, now living in Canada as a member of the PCM Province)

The delegates outside the Carmelite Church of Traspontina.

Walking to the Vatican.

Walking to the Vatican.

Pilgrims walking together to the Vatican.

Carmelite laity and religious head for the Vatican.

Lay Carmelites from Brazil.

Arriving in front of St. Peter's

Pilgrims together.

Lining up to pass through Vatican security.

Heading into the screening area of Vatican security.

Patient pilgrims!

The Prior General, Fr. Fernando, arrives to join the group of pilgrims.

Victoria from the British Province.

Italian delegates from the Congress.

For further images from the day please click here.