Thicket Priory - Our Work

Work is an important value in human life and an integral aspect of the Carmelite life.
As with every family there are all kinds of ways in which we sisters care for each other and for our home. We do as much as possible to run the house ourselves as a group of responsible women living in community. We grow some of our own fruit and vegetables.
For a Carmelite nun, work takes place as much as possible in an atmosphere of silence, which allows us to be better attentive to God's call at all times.
As well as the general upkeep of the house, our work involves the distribution of altar breads and altar linens which are then sent to different churches and communities all over the United Kingdom and further afield. These are used for the celebration of the Eucharist, and this work is our principal source of income as a community. To see a price list please .

We are pleased to welcome a number of visitors to our monastery, and offering hospitality is a growing aspect of our work and outreach. There is a well-stocked repository in the entrance to the monastery.

Welcoming friends to our annual Advent Carol Service.