Thicket Priory - Vocations

When a woman has discerned - with the community - that she feels called to enter the monastery, her life in Carmel begins with six months spent as a postulant.
Sisters at prayer in the old monastery chapel
Being a postulant is an opportunity to get used to the daily routine of the nuns' life, learn the different work of the house and get to know the community. Time is also set apart each day for study and discussion in novitiate.
A formation programme including Carmelite history and spirituality, Church history, doctrine, scripture and the theology of religious life is followed throughout a sister's time in the novitiate.

The next step after postulancy is to receive the habit of the Carmelite Order and the novice's white veil. Becoming a novice brings with it more responsibility, which is gradually increased as a sister grows into the life.

After two years of novitiate, the sister may then make vows for three years. During this time of temporary Profession, the sister remains in the novitiate. Solemn Profession may be made after these three years, or temporary vows can be renewed, if it is felt that further discernment is needed.

Our lives together are lived in community and at every stage of the formation process the wisdom of the community is heard and the consent of the community is necessary before a woman is admitted to vows.


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