Thicket Priory - Altar Breads & Linens

At Thicket Priory we sell altar breads and linen as a means of supporting ourselves financially. Parishes, communities and individuals that buy from us directly support our Carmelite life of prayer, community, and service.

Prices as from 1st September 2017


Altar Breads



Concelebration breads (5¾ inch)

Sealed-edge design, scored to break into 24 pieces

White 30p each
Brown 36p each



Plain concelebration breads

Plain 3½ inch White (or with chi-rho design all over) 15p each

Plain 5¼ inch White 38p each


Priest's breads

Sealed-edge, single cross 2¾ inch White 10p each

Sealed-edge, single cross 2¾ inch Brown 11p each

Crucifix design 2½ inch White 11p each


Small breads

Sealed-edge 1½ inch, various designs Brown £1.54 per 100

Sealed-edge 1⅜ inch, single cross design White £1.36 per 100

Sealed-edge 1¼ inch, single cross design White £1.12 per 100

Sealed-edge 1¼ inch, single cross design Brown £1.12 per 100

Plain white 1¼ inch £1.50 per 100

Crucifix design 1¼ inch £1.50 per 100


Gluten-free priest's breads 2½ inch (round).

£4.50 per 25 


Gluten-free small breads (square)

1 square inch, plain £4.00 per 50

Our gluten-free breads are made from a modified pure wheat starch (Codex) with a maximum of 20mg gluten per kg (20 parts per million). This satisfies the requirements of the Roman Catholic Church for gluten content, and also the standards of the Coeliac Society for products labelled "gluten-free".


Altar Linens

Handmade by the nuns from old-fashioned linen.


We can make all linens to the size and design you wish.


Our altar linens are made to order.


Notice of Autumn 2017: Due to high demand, there is at present a long waiting list for our altar linens, so please allow for this when placing an order.



£2.99 each




£2.50 each




up to 17"x17" £4.50 each
over 17"x17" £4.99 each




£11.00 each


To order

Prices for products and postage are subject to confirmation by the monastery. To place an order please contact the monastery :

Carmelite Monastery
Thicket Priory
YO19 6DE
United Kingdom

Tel. 01904 448277
To send an email please click here.

The price list above is also available as a leaflet (to open it you will need a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat).