Thicket Priory - Community Life

In her reform Saint Teresa spoke of a way of life where communities were small enough for each person to be valued and loved for who she is.

Whilst our work is important and necessary we should never fall into the trap of the modern world which tends to value people only for what they produce and for how "useful" they are.

A small gathering to thank the architects and builders of our new monastery

As well as our time of prayer and work we come together as a community each day for recreation where we can relax and enjoy each other's company.

We are blessed to have sisters in our community aged from their 30s to their 90s and each one is valued and precious to the community.

For our elderly and unwell sisters we have our own infirmary unit, so that they can be well cared for while remaining an integral and important part of the community. As well as members of the community who work in the infirmary we are helped by nurses from the locality who work with us to ensure that there is round-the-clock care.

Our home together is a place of beauty revealed through simplicity.


We are fortunate at Thicket to be surrounded by beautiful fields. Our monastery has a large and beautiful garden containing many different trees and plants and a variety of wildlife.