Thicket Priory - Reflections

Here we publish various reflections by or about the sisters at Thicket...

Inside Out
A poem for the Sisters in the Carmel at Thicket, written by Hannah Hunt (2 February 2013)

In my weakness, then am I strong
you chant, seven voices breathing as one
suspended in the welcoming room

and in one day you've shown me
how enclosure is not about excluding
but embracing
as the inky night embraces the sketched stars
and the damp morning the birdsong
or the flooded field beneath the keening 'eye' its
relocated ducks and geese.

And the old wall encloses new views
not to rebuff, rebuke, reproach those
who approach up the winding driveway
but simply to show
we belong, these ancient verses
mark our boundaries of time and place,
and whether you choose to swim with us
or simply to float near the woven voices
we offer the embrace of joy
without compulsion and without constraint

Share in my weakness, sisters,
As I embrace your strength.