Saint Jude Celebrations in Faversham


The feast of Saints Simon and Jude is celebrated on 28th October. The feast day is the high point of the calendar in Faversham, and hundreds of pilgrims come here in devotion to the Apostle. Although most come from London and the southeast, many others come from across Britain and even from abroad to celebrate this special time with God and with one another, in the company of the Carmelites.

The programme of activities during the feast includes regular celebrations of the Eucharist, blessings with the oil of St. Jude, and other devotions. During the celebrations there is a piety stall, a display of Carmelite books, and light refreshments available.

If you are bringing a group of more than 10 people to Faversham for any of the feast celebrations, it is very important that you please contact the Shrine Office in advance so that we have an idea of numbers and can let you know details for coach parking etc. For details of how to contact us please .

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Feast Celebrations 2017


Saturday 28 October
12.00 - Saint Jude Mass with the Blessing of Oil and Anointing
14.00 - Saint Jude Mass with the Blessing of Oil and Anointing

Sunday 29 October
12.30 - Saint Jude Mass with the Blessing of Oil and Anointing
14.30 - Saint Jude Mass with the Blessing of Oil and Anointing

All welcome!

Reports from previous celebrations
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Picture archive
Below is a selection of images from previous feast day celebrations at Faversham.

During the celebrations our church is often packed with pilgrims;
it is a joy to see so many sharing their faith in God.

Our Prior Provincial, Fr. Wilfrid, welcoming pilgrims to our new reception centre.

The Mass is at the heart of our feast day celebrations.

Pilgrims often like to take home a souvenir or gift from our piety stall.

Pilgrims joined in prayer with the Carmelite friars.

A pilgrim receiving a blessing.

Prayers being offered by one of the Tamil groups
that visits the Shrine during the feast.

During the feast celebrations we set up a special area for lighting candles.

During the feast many pilgrims come from across Britain and beyond
to pray at the Shrine of St. Jude.



Saturday, October 28, 2017 - 12:00 to Sunday, October 29, 2017 - 16:30

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