News from the Postulator General

Thursday, 17 November 2016
Over the last few months, the Postulator General, Prof. Giovanna Brizi, has reported at a number of different events on matter dealing with Postulation, particularly with the new Norms for the Administration Funds for the Causes of Beatification and Canonisation” approved by Pope Francis in March 2016.
Thus on the 23rd of September she spoke to the participants at the General Congregation held at Fatima, and on the 14th of October, to the Superiors General of Carmelite Congregations gathered at Focene (Rome, Italy).
On the 20th of October, the “pilgrimage” of the body of Blessed Battista Spagnoli (known as the Mantuan) ended with the return of his venerated remains to the Mantuan Cathedral where they were solemnly received by Bishop Marco Busca of Mantua along with the representatives of the institutes of consecrated life in the diocese and by the faithful. The Postulator General attended the event along with the Carmelite community from the shrine of San Felice del Benaco.
In addition, on the 22nd of October, the Postulator General took part in the canonical recognition of the mortal remains of Blessed Bartolomeo Fanti, whose incorrupt body rests also in the Cathedral of Mantua, alongside that of Battista Spagnoli, whose illustrious teacher he was. On this occasion too, there was a change of habit.The bodies of the two blesseds, with the agreement of the Diocese of Mantua and the local authority have undergone non-invasive scientific examinations with a view to ensuring better preservation of them in time and of obtaining valuable information about the lifestyle of the time. The operations concluded on the 28th of October.

Source: CITOC Carmelite News