Ebor Lectures Focus on Peace and Reconciliation

Thursday, 12 April 2018

On 11th April 2018 the Ebor Lecture was delivered in York Minster by Colin Craig, former Executive Director of Corrymeala, an organisation working alongside fractured communities and groups in Northern Ireland.

The Ebor Lecture series is an ecumenical project jointly organised by the British Province of Carmelites, York Minster, York St John University, The Yorkshire North and East District of the Methodist Church, and The C. & J. B. Morrell Trust.



The theme of the lectures this year is "Peace and Reconciliation", and Mr. Craig's lecture was titled "A Harder Path: Peacebuilding as a Chaordic Process". Chaordic is a term used by some peacebuilders as an amalgamation of "chaotic" and "ordered".

In the week marking the 20th anniversary of The Good Friday Agreement, Mr. Craig explored the challenges faced in Northern Ireland, living with a compromise where, in the end, no-one claims to have won, but so many actually carry a sense that somehow they lost. How do we achieve a collective commitment to a future that is by its nature uncertain and, at the same time, learn to let go of the certainty that our historical sectarian narratives continue to trap us in?



The Ebor Lectures - now in their 12th series - aim to promote a conversation between theology and public issues, and to contribute to the creation of personal and collective decision-making in economic, political and social spheres. Speakers range from leaders in their fields to those with an important story to tell. The lectures provide people with an opportunity to engage with current issues such as politics, economics, contemporary culture, religion, spirituality, and globalisation. The Ebor Lectures offer a space for dialogue between theology and a range of communities such as educational institutions, public interest groups, religious groups and anyone with an interest in contemporary issues within society.