Carmelites respond to Pope Francis' appeal for refugees

Monday, 24 July 2017

Pope Francis has appealed in a particular way to his fellow religious to respond to the needs of refugees seeking asylum. In 2015 the Holy Father said that every religious order, parish, and sanctuary in Europe should undertake to house a refugee family.


In order to respond to this appeal, the British Province of Carmelites, having studied how best to meet the needs of refugees coming to Britain, has purchased a property for this purpose in a major city in the North of England.


The property comprises a large house with an adjacent smaller flat. At the beginning of June 2017 two Syrian families moved in.


The project is based purely on need and not on any religious affiliation. The welcome is being administered by the local civil authorities who have identified the families concerned.


It is planned that this will be a long-term commitment of the Carmelite Order in Britain and that, as families become established and move on, the property will enable other refugees to find a secure place to live.