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Biblical texts relating to the prophet Elijah.

1 Kg 17:1-6 Depart from here ...
The Word of God intervenes, giving the order to depart.

1 Kg 17:7-16 Bring me a morsel of bread ...
Sharing produces an abundance of goods.

1 Kg 17:17-24 1 know that you are a man of God ...
The prophet is a life-giving instrument.

1 Kg 18:1-19 It is you, you troubler of Israel.
Who is responsible for the ills of the people?

1 Kg 18:20-40 How long will you remain hopping from one foot to the other?
Choose, again and again, the God of life.

1 Kg 18:41-46 Go up now, look toward the sea.
Small signs which keep our hope alive.

1 Kg 19:1-8 It is enough, now, 0 Lord, take away my life.
Crisis which reveals hidden defects.

1 Kg 19:9-14 1 have been very zealous ... The gentle breeze.
God is present where we do not expect God to be.

1 Kg 19:15-21 Go and anoint Elisha to be prophet in your place.
Know how to transmit the charism to future generations.

1 Kg 21:1-26 Have you killed, and also taken possession?
Profit making produces injustices.

2 Kg 1:1-16 O man of God, come down quickly.
So that life will have value for you.

2 Kg 2:1-7 The sons of the prophets.
God will not abandon you.

2 Kg 2.8-18 Let me have a double portion of your spirit.
The Spirit of Elijah rested on Elisha.

Ecc 48:1-14 His word flaring like a torch ...
In Elijah's word, God's Word is at work.

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