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Calendar of Events

Quiet Day at Aylesford Priory
28 July 2012

Aylesford Priory ("The Friars") is
a Carmelite community in the heart of Kent,
offering an extensive programme of retreats and periods of reflection.

Quiet Day

28 July 2012

The Quiet Day in the Gatehouse at Aylesford offers an experience of silent prayer and space in a safe environment, embracing Lectio Divina Bible meditation, spiritual reading and silent attentiveness.
Organised by Elena White and Maura Lockyer.
To apply please ring Maura Lockyer: 01622 791256.
Cost: Donation.

Retreats at Aylesford Priory
You can download (in PDF format) the 2012 retreat programme for Aylesford by clicking here.

For more information about the Retreat Programme at Aylesford, please contact:
The Retreats Office, The Friars, Aylesford, Kent, ME20 7BX
Tel: 01622 717272
Please click here to e-mail the Retreats Office

Further information online

Aylesford Priory website
Aylesford Priory page on the British Province website

Aylesford Priory Gatehouse