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Calendar of Events

Manchester CSG meeting CANCELLED
21 July 2012

Start: 10:00
Finish: 13:15

Manchester CSG - all are welcome!

Sadly the meeting of Manchester CSG scheduled for 21st July has had to be cancelled, for reasons beyond our control.

On 16th July we received the following message from James, the Administrator at Avila House Catholic Chaplaincy...

"Unfortunately due to ongoing major renovation work we have had to shut down the Chaplaincy completely as and from this morning. This means that the centre is closed for all events until the beginning of September. We are so sorry about this, but as painting was proceeding dampness on many of the walls was discovered. This means plaster has to be stripped in many areas and we have been firmly told that it would be against health and safety regulations to allow anyone into the building until the work is completed, even for Mass in the Chapel. In fact the area around the Chapel is one of the places directly involved. Once again sincere apologies. The Carmelite Group is part of the family here and we would not inconvenience you in any way, were it not outside our control."

We are very grateful to the Chaplaincy for its warm welcome to us as "part of the family" at Avila House, and we're very sorry to hear about this problem they're facing. Please keep James, Fr. Ian and the Chaplaincy in your prayers that this major work won't spoil their summer too much!

No meeting was scheduled for August which means that, all being well, we next meet on Saturday 29th September.

In case you're missing contact with Carmelites (and how could you not be?!) don't forget that there's a lot of material on our website - www.carmelite.org - and also some excellent new video presentations on our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/gbcarmelite

Yours, in Carmel,

John, Veronica and Johan

Manchester CSG Convening Team

For further information
For further information about Manchester Carmelite Spirituality Group, please visit its webpage by clicking here. You can also contact one of the Group's convenors:

Mr. John Berry (Provincial Delegate to the Third Order)
70 Unett Street, Hockley, Birmingham, B19 3BL
Tel: 07910 434677
You can e-mail John by clicking here.