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Calendar of Events

Aylesford Catholic Tamil Pilgrimage
01 April 2012

Pilgrimages and Events at "The Friars"
(Aylesford Carmelite Priory in Kent)

Aerial view of Aylesford Priory

The Carmelite community at Aylesford Priory in the heart of Kent welcomes thousands of pilgrims and visitors every year.

On Sunday 1st April 2012 (Palm Sunday) Aylesford Priory welcomes the Catholic Tamil Pilgrimage. The principal celebrant will be Bishop Paul Hendricks.

11.00am Gathering and Blessing of Palms
12 noon Mass
3.30pm Procession and Benediction

For further information about Aylesford
- please contact The Friars by telephoning 01622 717272
- visit the Aylesford community website
- visit the Aylesford community page on this website
- download the Aylesford 2012 programmes for pilgrimages and retreats

- download a general publicity leaflet

Pilgrims gathered for prayer and fellowship at Aylesford Priory

The Carmelites invite pilgrims to pray for the following intentions:
  • a renewal of the spirit of faith;
  • that everyone may find truth and meaning in their lives;
  • for reconciliation, unity and peace;
  • for the intentions of all the pilgrims that come to Aylesford.