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Calendar of Events

Pilgrimage to South Queensferry
14 July 2012

Carmelite Pilgrimage to South Queensferry

The 36th annual Carmelite pilgrimage to South Queensferry, near Edinburgh, will take place on Saturday 14th July 2012. All are welcome.

The Priory Church of St. Mary, South Queensferry.

The Priory Church of Saint Mary in South Queensferry is the only original medieval Carmelite building in Britain surviving as a place of worship (now in the care of the Scottish Episcopal Church, who kindly welcome us each year). The Carmelite friars built a priory here to welcome pilgrims making the journey between Dunfermline and St. Andrews.

Click on the arrow in the box below to watch video footage of a recent Carmelite pilgrimage to South Queensferry.

Getting to South Queensferry
South Queensferry is well served by transport links. Located next to the Forth Bridge, it is easily reached by rail from Edinburgh. Parking is available in a car park behind the church.

Further Information
The Province's pilgrimage is organised by the Glasgow Chapter of the Carmelite Third Order. For the pilgrimage timetable and details please contact the Glasgow Lay Carmelite Community leader:

Mr. Tom Condie
13 Guildhall Street
KY12 7NR

Tel. 01383 736139

To email Tom please click here.

Contact: Mr. Tom Condie
Tel: 01383 736139
Email: tomtoc@tiscali.co.uk