Carmelite Spirituality - An Ancient Path for Today's Pilgrim

In essence the reality which we call Carmel has little or nothing to do with a particular way of doing things or of wearing religious clothes or of living in special houses. Neither is it the property of a particular group of people or organisation. Carmel stands for the intimate encounter which God brings about between the person and God in the midst of all that is most ordinary in life. So, if you are seeking visions and ecstatic experiences then you are in the wrong place. This is the mystery of the 'Word made flesh' who 'emptied himself to take the form of a slave ... and then was humbler still..."

The Carmelite Order has given to the Church some of the greatest teachers in prayer and holds in itself great wisdom in discerning the 'delicate touch' of God's action in the depth of the personality, the soul. Without this lived encounter with God Carmel is nothing - it ceases to be. This is why the expression and source of this encounter, contemplation and prayer, are the very heartbeat of what Carmel is and what it desires to be; because the journey to the height of the mountain continues.

The links that follow are offered with humility as 'viaticum' food for the journey. Some link directly to key Carmelite texts and authors, others link to the sections of the Constitutions of the Order and the recently published RIVC which describe how we see ourselves today, and others link to contemporary articles.